[Beta] Landscape generator, modeler and renderer software
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Paysages 3D

Build Status


Paysages 3D is a work-in-progress landscape generator, modeler and renderer software.

It is written in C++ 11, using Qt 5.4 as only external dependency.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


Using QtSDK (All platforms)

Download and install the latest QtSDK.

Launch QtCreator, open the project file src/paysages.pro and build it.

To run the program, choose the modeler target. To run the unit tests, choose the tests target.

Using a packaged Qt (Linux)

You need at least the 5.4 packaged version of Qt, with qMake and QtCore, QtQuick and QtOpengl modules.

On Ubuntu/Mint:

sudo apt-get install qt5-qmake libqt5core5a libqt5quick5 libqt5qml5 libqt5opengl5-dev

Then to build and run the software:

make run

To tun the unit tests, use:

make tests


The source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. Read the full terms in the LICENSE file.