Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michaël Lemaire ae8ad13a84 Updated typescript 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 0cfd319774 Replaced uglify with terser 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 7fe483333d Updated play button 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 436e568a0e Split app and tests JS files, and simplified dependencies bundle 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 29224113c9 Updated karma conf 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire a60ad14c79 Switch to es6 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 8d83c8371a Fixed audio options not working 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 347b465bb8 Dependency update 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 47dfe4d8b7 Improved ship sprite exposition 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 55beb347d6 Updated title shots 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire b69db4e796 Dependencies update 8 months ago
  Michaël Lemaire 1000611ec1 Fixed character sheet's close button being hovered even when hidden 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 5fb8a6ce58 Fixed ship tooltip disappearing when hovering the ship list 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire df80b958a5 Added logo and banner 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 4447714e1f Phaser update 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire de6576f42d Fixed deploy commands 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 26ee6c12bb Restored game area scaling to fit the screen 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire d6e1cff964 Added custom cursors 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire a6b0f51b9c AI now uses real simulated effects in evaluation, and produces all toggle actions 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 4e624dc9db Display simulated ship displacement effects while targetting 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 7d586d5a2b Added pinned effect, to prevent ships from moving 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire f7d0d066c0 Fixed arena sprite rotation 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 59d3c87323 Fixed drone sounds 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 4713c8d09a Fixed Repulser making the ships' sprites disappear 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 60d3cd2db7 Updated to phaser 3.10.0 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire f39b96ad1d Prevent right click on buttons and arena 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 7a7649e8a9 Fixed tactical mode button 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire ade6b8068d Added fast forward option to speed up animations when clicking 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 7879457035 Refactored animation system to be able to control the playback speed 1 year ago
  Michaël Lemaire 9fcea58fc9 map: Added sound and effect for jumps between systems 1 year ago